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Premium Quality Meatssmoker.jpg (131103 bytes)  (Update: we are saddened to report that due to growing regulations and inspection requirements we no longer can have our meat processed at the locker we've worked with for years. We will be removing most if not all of our meat items from our website while we figure what to do.  So sorry for the inconvenience.)

When you give Clayton Ridge Farm meats, you give a special gift of homegrown goodness that is produced, processed and marketed entirely in the heart of the Midwest.  Best of all, Clayton Ridge Farm gift boxes can be sent to everyone on your Christmas list anywhere in the continental United States, saving you the hassle of delivering your gifts.

Meats sold in gift assortments are vacuum-sealed, refrigerated/frozen and packaged in an attractive holiday box. They are accompanied by a greeting card to which you can personalize with your own holiday message.

Listed below are a few of our most popular gift box options and brief descriptions of the products included. Many of the assortments have room to add "accessories" like gourmet mustards, seasoning blends, dip mixes, soup mixes and more.  We have two new "accessories" this year - 5 different flavors of our own homemade popcorn - doesn't a handful of old fashioned caramel corn sound wonderful? - and we also have handcrafted Guttenberg drink coasters....just a couple more ways to "put a piece Guttenberg" in with your gift.   We can also customize boxes to suit your tastes if you don't see exactly what you have in mindTake a look at our selection below or stop by the Clayton Ridge Farm Meat Market & Gift shop In Guttenberg, Iowa to see all the possibilities.

For more information or to place orders please call 
Call 563-252-3820 or Toll Free 866-868-7006 (store)
Fax 563-252-1938 (home)

We're famous for 7 different types of Bratwurst, 4 types of bacon, several styles of pork chops and steaks as well as award-winning Smoked Hams and Beef Jerky....

All pork and beef sold at Clayton Ridge Farm Meat Market is locally raised from animals which are not fed or injected with any artificial growth promoters and are guaranteed to be free of any chemical or drug residue

Jot down your order and give us a call at 563-252-1938

Gift Box Selections**
  ** Prices subject to change.  We reserve the right to cancel orders
arising from pricing or other errors.

Fresh Quality Meats

A. Premium Smoked Boneless 1/2 Ham  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
Nothing says "Holiday Dinner" like a ham!  Delicately cured, lightly smoked and cooked to perfection, this award-winning 6-7 lb. ham is sure to please!  With no bones, it's a breeze to carve and serve.

B. Premium Steaks and Chops   NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
2 Boneless Ribeye Steaks
2 Boneless New York Strip Steaks
2 Iowa Style Chops
2 America's Cut Chops

C. Ham and Bacon Special   NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
1 Boneless Premium Smoked Ham
1 lb. Premium Smoked Bacon
1 lb. Premium Smoked Peppered Bacon

D. Premium Bratwurst Special  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
4 Links of Extra-Lean Bratwurst
4 Links of Green Pepper & Onion Bratwurst
4 Links of Sauerkraut & Cheese Bratwurst
4 Links of Mushroom & Swiss Bratwurst

4 Iowa-Style chops
1 lb. Premium Smoked Bacon
4 Links of Extra-Lean Bratwurst

F. Sweet Treat Sampler $25.00
5 Different Flavors of Homegrown Popcorn with Premium Quality Homemade Caramel Coatings:
- Old Fashioned Caramel Corn 
- Blond Caramel with Sea Salt 
- Cinna-Bun (with Pecans) Caramel Corn 
- Turtle-Praline (with Pecans) Caramel Corn 
- Tutti-Fritti Caramel Corn

Tasty Sausage Samplers

G. Snack Sampler Junior 
2 Assorted Summer Sausages
2 Pkg's Assorted Premium Wisconsin Cheeses

1 Mild Summer Sausage
1 Summer Sausage with Cheese
1 Old-Fashioned Style Summer Sausage
1 Garlic & Pepper Salami
1 Pkg Beef Snack Sticks

1 Mild Summer Sausage
1 Summer Sausage with Cheese
1 Garlic & Pepper Salami
1 Jalapeno Summer Sausage
4 Pkg's Assorted Premium Wisconsin Cheeses

2 Iowa-Style Chops
1 Mild Summer Sausage 
1 Pkg Honey-Pork Snack Sticks
1 Pkg Old-Fashioned Caramel Corn


Have It Your Way!
Don't see exactly what you want? We're happy to put together assortments of your choice in any price range.
Gift certificates are also available for any amount.

Additional gift assortments that can stand-alone or be the perfect compliment to one of our premium quality meat assortments.

1. Caramel Corn  $4.00
Ready-to-eat old-fashioned, home-grown, home-made sweet treat!

2. Gourmet Mustards  $4.50
Choose from Beer Mustard, Hot/Spicy Mustard, Honey Mustard or Stone-ground Mustard

3. Dip Mix  $3.50
Choose from Spinach, Roasted Pepper or Dill.  Just add to your cream cheese or mayonnaise for a delectable delight.

4. Guttenberg Coasters  $8.00/pair

4 inch square drink coasters to protect your tabletops. Hand-crafted by local artisans

5. Assorted Salsa   $6.50
Choose from Peach, Pineapple or Habanero

6. Real Fruit Jams and Jellies  $5.95
Our favorite; Choose from many great fruit flavors.


Clayton Ridge Farm Meat Market & Gift Shop offers daily UPS service for shoppers wishing to send gift boxes to others (or themselves).

  ** Prices subject to change.  We reserve the right to cancel orders arising from pricing or other errors.


Thanks for visiting our site...please browse through our selections.   Orders and questions can be addressed over the phone at 563-252-3820 (store) or 563-252-1938 (farm), through email or Contact Us Page.